Professional life

His contribution as the President of Indian Academy of Pediatrics

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics has been closely linked with the development of Pediatrics at some centers in India. In the ’40s there were only 12-15 pediatricians in India – 6 in Mumbai, 2 in Delhi, 2 in Madras and about 4 to 5 in Calcutta. Pediatrics made a beginning in Mumbai in 1928, when Dr. George Coelho, rightly called the Father of Indian Pediatrics, became the Superintendent of the BJ Hospital for Children – the first children’s hospital in India. Dr. Gokul Bora remained as the President of IAP, Assam from 1992 -1993 with secretary as Dr. Abhinandan Das in the 9th Assam State Conference at Guwahati on 13/3/1993. At a small gathering at Hotel Belle Vue, in presence of Dr. Gokul Bora, Dr. Harish Ch. Sanna, Dr. Amal Chandra Barua, Sri NarenDeka, Sub Editor of the Assam Tribune and a few others, Dr. N.S. Tibrewalla formally declared the Assam Chapter open. And thus in 1977, the Assam State Branch of IAP was born.

His service as “Executive body member, National IAP (1995-1996)

He remained as the member in the office of National (IAP) in Mumbai. Every year, 3 times the meetings of the executive members are held, where he holds as a prominent leader when he was the member. The general election of IAP is conducted by Mumbai office. It also discusses on different topics of the academy.

His contribution towards society as the President of IAP Guwahati City Branch (1995-1996, 1996-1997)

He conducts different seminars, workshops and other health oriented issues. He also initiates to introduce the prominent lecturers from different parts of the state to address the issue of child health which includes brilliant medical students and post-graduate scholars. IAP city branch conducts different seminars, workshops, health-oriented programs and invites resourceful person from various parts of India as guest lecturer to educate medical and post graduate students of the state.

President National Neonatology Forum, Assam state Branch, 2002-2004

Here he deals with problems of Neonatology such as low birth weight, respiratory problem of the new born baby. He also conducts seminars and medical research in the field of pediatrics. The Neonatology forum deals with the problems of neonatology such as low birth weight, respiratory problems, and deformities of the new born baby and so on. Various seminars, workshops, educating medical students and many more are being held under this forum.

General Secretary, "Guwahati Child Welfare Society"- A socio-cultural society for 8 years

The health check-up programmed in “Guwahati Child Welfare Society” gave an immense impact on various programs related to health education given to parents to free distribution of various medical necessarily units such as nutritious meals, immunization of child, and so on.

President IAP East zone, 2003-2004

Dr. Gokul Bora served as the President of IAP East Zone from the session of 2003-2004. He focused on the various issues and contemporary advances in child health care. He is determined to improve child health and care to encompass all the eastern states of the country. He is urged in updating knowledge and skills to achieve expertise in providing quality care to the patients.

Member National Advisory Board, Indian Pediatrics, 2005

He also remained as the member of the National Advisory Board, Indian Pediatrics in 2005. With his contribution to the board, his overall purpose in joining the board is to advise the Government on policies, practices, and implementation of the national immunization program. “Indian Pediatrics” is the official journal of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, published from New Delhi every month with circulation to a vibrant amount of 25,000 prints per month. The online access for the journal “Indian Pediatrics” is also available. The journal gives priority to reports of the outstanding clinical and experimental works related to children and adolescents. Arrangements for medical and scientific programs, accommodation of guests, transport, food, cultural programs, inviting guests lectures and foreign dignities are being taken care of in the National Advisory board. He was a reviewer of scientific articles of ‘Indian Pediatrics’ for few years.

Chairperson, Reception Committee, East zone Pedicon, 1996

He worked as the Chairperson in the Reception Committee in the East Zone Pedicon in 1996. He provides immense contribution and looked forward towards an inclusive growth towards the delegates of the IAP about the development in the field of pediatrics in the East Zone. He focuses upon the younger generation which comprises a huge part of the Indian population that is being neglected by some health professionals, but now in collaboration with the global trend, the youth generation’s problems have been embraced in the same fold.

Chairperson, Organizing committee, 21st National Convention NNF 2001

He remained as the respected president of the National Neonatology Forum, Assam State Branch from the session of 2002-2004. He boasts in his state of having considerable amount of highly reputed neonatologists who are working in different parts of the country and abroad. But in spite of lacking in well-equipped and full-fledged tertiary care neonatal clinics in Guwahati, there are numerous well skilled doctors in that field who are providing exceptional service to the state.

Chairperson, Organizing Committee, National conference, IAP Growth, Development & Behavioral Pediatrics, 2005

Dr. Gokul Bora was elected for the post of Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the National conference at GDBPA (IAP) with an intention to enunciate on various subjects, knowledge, and education on the children development, growth and behavior. He not only treated the children but also aimed to educate the parents for better growth and development of their children.

Chairman, Juvenile Welfare Board, Govt. of Assam, 2001

The famous persona joined the Juvenile Welfare Board under the Govt. of Assam in 2001 to cater the cases for the care, protection, treatment, development and to bring a better standard of living for the children. The children, who are in need of care and protection, are being provided with their basic needs and protection of human rights.

General Secretary, “Guwahati Child Welfare Society”-A socio cultural society for 8 years

Under the aegis of this program various health-check programs for children of the underprivileged areas are given emphasis. Along with that, health education is given to parents with free distribution of medicines and other necessary items. Immunization and regular health checkup are being provided by specialists in that field. Availability of health and education related to nutritious meals and so on are kept at priority.

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