His dedication towards literary skills

As he is quite touched by the poverty scenes in India, he decided to put up his best in his field to uplift the Indian society from child malnutrition. He has also published some of the noteworthy books in Assamese such as:

“Chikitsakar Abhigyata- Swagatokti Aru Annanya Kahini” - It portrays the autobiographical elements about the life of the author that has been incorporated into the narrative. The author’s insight in telling a tale in an informal tone adds to another important aspect of the book. It can be reviewed that, after going through the book the reader can feel empathetic with both the patients and the society.
“Janji Nair Parar Jibangatha”- This book is a non-fictional account and its provocative appeal strikes much harder. With lucid narration, blended with reminiscent emotions which creates the vivid image of Dr. Gokul Bora’s trait. The book describes the diversity of his life events experienced by him during his days in Jhanji which will surely enthrall the reader.

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“Chikitsakar Diary”- This book describes the daily life events of the doctor. It mentions various dealings and discussions which have been translated in this book. The writer uses his narrative with a touch of humor which gives its readers ample scope to laugh. But that doesn’t mean any inclusions of any expendable thoughts and ideals of the reader.

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“Care of the New Born Baby: Nabajatokor Joton”- Through a serious of informative narration, Dr. Gokul Bora’s book “NabajatokorJotor: Care of the New Born Baby”, can be considered as one of the best book for the new parents who needs to follow the basic guidelines provided by one of the renowned pediatrician of Assam, Dr. Gokul Bora to take proper mental, emotional and physical care of the new born baby.

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“Jibonor Bate Ghate”- Written by Dr. Gokul Bora and published by Mrs. Ranu Bora, the book, “Jibonor Bate Ghate” is a series of tales that talks about various experiences of life of Dr. Gokul Bora and his wife Ranu Bora that they experienced as a pediatrician and also about their opinion of leading a healthy lifestyle.

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“Otyhyamondit Europe”- Through his travelogue, “ Otyhyamondit Europe”, Dr. Gokul Bora dedicates this book towards his beloved wife Mrs. Ranu Bora where he jots down his experience in travelling through some of the most mesmerizing and picturesque landscapes of Europe. Through a strong narrative verse, Dr. Gokul Bora vividly depicts his quality time spent with his wife, while travelling through various locations in Europe.

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Simple Yet Dedicated

Assam’s most loved pediatrician – Dr. Gokul Bora

Passionate towards his profession, he suggests people to curb love towards their profession. He says that the person who turns his passion into profession can never stay dysphonic in his life.

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